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Mocap Studio

Affordable Motion Capture Studio


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Dot Technology

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Dot Motion Studio - Mocap

Captura de Movimento Reel 2017

Captura de Movimento Reel 2015

Innovative Mocap Studio


DMS is a production company offering full motion capture and animation services located in São Paulo, Brazil Pioneers on the field, we are a team of highly skilled creative professionals specialised in different areas such as biomechanics, acting, software engineering, cutting edge equipment, film and audio production.
With our live online sessions you will be able to direct your film, choreograph moves for your game and much more.

No matter where you are, just ask for your perfect motion and we will capture it live for you




  • Captura de Movimento Corporal
  • Captura Facial
  • Captura de Movimento com sistema Vicon (optico) PROFISSIONAL
  • Captura de Movimento com sistema Inercial (IMU)
  • Escaneamento 3D
  • Modelagem de Personagens 3D
  • Retopologia Facial
  • Camera Tracking

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Business Hours


  • Mo-Sa: 9am to 6pm
  • Sunday: closed